The most tasteful snack for your baby (6m+)*

Flavours & nutritional value   
Junior MaisFingers

The 100% biological snack for your toddler (12m+*)
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Flavours & nutritional value

Why MaïsFingers?

100% natural

Free of gluten, milk and lactose

Safe and without any additions

Baby MaisFingers

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, next to lactose and allergens-free, MaisFingers are also gluten-free.

  • Yes, MaisFingers are easy to eat and perfect for babies ages 6 months and up.

  • Baby MaisFingers are a responsible snack. It's important to realise that this is about a snack. It depends on the child how many snacks they should have. Important fact is that children should eat recommended amounts of breakfast, lunch and dinner. We advise to hand out a maximum of 3-5 MaisFingers a day. 

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